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All ECUs include Bluetooth connectivity!
Connect and map fuel injection ECUs with no wires. Just pair the ECU to your Window laptop and connect with the mapping software. Stay connected several metres away. Can also stream engine data (RPM, Temperatures etc.) over bluetooth to many different dash boards (using Autronic SM4 V1.09 protocol)

The POLESTAR HS Fuel Injection System can be configured to operate in a number of different modes.

These include,

  • 4 cylinder 4 injector fully sequential.
  • Single point multi injector.
  • Up to 8 cylinder 4 injector batch injection.
  • Also a special mode has been designed specifically for the Mini A-Series engine allowing sequential operation with 2 injectors, where the injector timing is carefully controlled to ensure correct mixture balance between the cylinders sharing an inlet port.

The system will operate using a standard "missing tooth" crankshaft trigger wheel and VR sensor as fitted as standard on many production engines. Many trigger wheel patters supported (36-1, 60-1, 24-2 etc.)

It can also be configured to use an existing POLESTAR trigger disk and hexagonal sensor. It will operate with various CAM sensors either hall effect or VR type. It also supports the standard crank and camshaft trigger arangement on a Yamaha R1 5PW motorbike engine. Various other sensor are required depending on the system type. These are typically a throttle position sensor, MAP sensor, water temperature sensor and inlet air temperature sensor, usually the ECU can be calibrated to use the engine's existing temperature sensors.

With the addition of a wideband lambda sensor controller the system will run in closed loop fuel mode making mapping semi-automatic, and giving much tighter control of fuelling whilst running. Both the Innovate LC-1 or PLX Devices SM-AFR lambda sensor controllers are supported

Key Features

  • ECU has 4 coil drivers and 4 injector drivers which allows support for up to 8 cylinders with batch injection or full 4 cylinder sequential injection. (Each injector driver can drive upto 3 high impedance injectors).
  • Direct crankshaft trigger via standard missing tooth trigger wheel, or original POLESTAR style trigger wheel.
  • Supports output from Innovate LC-1 or or PLX Devices SM-AFR lambda sensor controllers giving full closed loop fuelling and mapping.
  • Additional outputs for driving cooling fan, fuel pump and idle air valve.
  • All POLESTAR HS ECUs provide a standard rev counter output.
  • Fuelling adjusted with 8 load sites at every 500 rpm from 0-15000rpm with full interpolation between sites.
  • When configured in Ignition Only mode the injector driver outputs can be used to drive 4 configurable shift lights
  • Bluetooth conectivity for mapping or streaming engine data to a dashboard (like ECU Master).
  • Can operate in 'semi-sequential' mode supporting A-Series 5 port engine with 2 injectors.

Turbo Managment System - Boost Retard

On turbo or supercharged engines it is often ideal to be able to apply a controlled amount of ignition retard as the boost pressure increases. This is important to prevent dangerous detonation which can quickly melt pistons and destroy an engine.

The POLESTAR HS Turbo Fuel Injection System employs an integral manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP) which constantly measures the boost pressure (0-1.5bar, or 0-22psi) boost). The system can then be configured with between 0 and 5 degrees of ignition retard per PSI of boost pressure. This value can be configured in 0.25 degree increments for super accurate engine timing under boost conditions. The calculated retard value is subtracted from the base advance figure in the engine map. This gives safe smooth delivery of power from a turbo or supercharged engine.

Mapping Software

All POLSTAR HS systems just require a USB connecting cable (or bluetooth pairing) and the mapping software which can be downloaded for free from the downloads page. This software will run on most Windows versions from Windows 98 to Windows10. It is simple to use an allows ‘Live mapping’ of all engine parameters with the engine running.

Price (excluding VAT)

POLESTAR HS Fuel Injection System                   £395
POLESTAR HS Turbo Fuel Injection System         £425

Typical 3D ignition curve

Mapping software


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